New study: GM crops and Roundup herbicide dangerous?

A new study by Gilles Eric Serralini et al. seems to show a connection between cancer and two products of the American Biotechnology Corportation Monsanto:

– Roundup, a herbicide developed around 1970

– Roundup ready corn , corn that was genetically modified to survive the treatment with Roundup.

The rats used in the study were divided into four grups

1. Group, Control Group: no feeding with Roundup or GMO´s (genetically modified organisms)

2. Group: fed with RR corn

3. Group: fed with RR corn treated with Roundup

4. Group: given Roundup in drinking water, no RR corn


Results: every treated group has shown an increased cancer rate, e.g. the females of the 2nd,3rd and 4th group had 2-3 times more cancer than the control group.

But there was a lot of criticism on the study: the control group was quite small, among other methodical problems.

But even if the study´s wrong, it is nothing new that pesticides such as Roundup are dangerous for the human health, and the environment.



Forbes article:


Monsanto logo: wikipedia

Roundup bottle:

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