CA Prop 37

This November, Californian voters will have to decide. To decide about their right to know what´s in the food. Yes on Proposition 37 would mean that food producers would have to label genetically modified ingredients and they wouldn´t be allowed to call them `natural`. Of course, there´s opposition to it.

PRO (from „Yes on Prop 37“, major funding by )

– People have a right to know what´s in their food (50 countries around the world already require labelling, polls show 90% of Americans want it, too)

– it´s just like nutrition facts

– the major oponnents are chemical-agricultural companies such as Monsanto and DuPont.

– doesn´t ban the sale of any foods


CONTRA (from „No on Prop 37“, major funding by Monsanto and DuPont)

– increased food costs

–  unsupported by science

– full of politically motivated exemptions to its requirements that make no sense.

– Trial lawyers would line their pockets by filing frivolous lawsuits at the expense of the taxpayer

comment: California needs Prop 37 because the peoplehave the right to know. And some corporations should not fight against the will of the people with their lobbyists and marketing millions. And if Monsanto says they have nothing to hide, and GMO´s are safe, why are they trying to stop Prop 37?

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