Science and Profit: Monsanto and the University of California Davis

In the discussion about CA Prop 37 (it would require the labeling of genetically modified ingredients in foods), University of California Davis (UCD) scientists oppose Prop 37 in reports and newspaper articles. However, the criticism on Prop 37 isn´t only based on the false statement made in a text co-authored by UCD professer Colin Carter, but on a very non-scientifical thing: money! In a other report, „Proposition 37 – California Food Labeling Initiative: Economic Implications for Farmers and the Food Industry if the Proposed Initiative were Adopted“, co-authored by two UCD professors.

The work for this project was undertaken with partial funding support from No on 37

(From the article at

According to the LA Times, this „partial funding support“ meant $ 30,000 paid by „No on Prop 37“, a campaign which major fundings come from Monsanto, one of the biggest genetical engineering companies worldwide.

And one of the UCD co-authors of that report received $ 40,000 from Monsanto in 2002.

However, the report is also based on wrong assumptions and it isn´t peer-reviewed, a usual practice where experts check the statements of their colleagues. So- no independent review of the study. That is probably the reason why the only place where you can find that publication is the Monsanto-funded „No on Prop 37“ website and not in scientific magazines ( they only accept peer-reviewed articles). The UCD professirs, however, use their UCD title to increase the reliability of the article, but, they also say that this report was a private publication and no official UCD document- interesting discrepance, isn´t it? At the end, Californian voters will have to decide, but they could be influenced by science that lost it´s independence and became a cash-cow.

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