Classified and censored truth

Ten years after Guantanamo was opened, the truth about the Bush era interrogation practices remains secret. This week, the Senate finished a report about the CIA´s secret detention program. The members of the Senate looked at the intelligence gathered in the interrogations in CIA´s secret prisons so-called „Black Sites“. These interrogations were conducted using extreme techniques, often called torture, including sleep deprivation, nudity, solitary confinement, threats, stress positions and waterboarding (simulated drowning). However, the report, almost 6,000 pages, is classified as secret, so you won´t see it.  Secondly, the officials at Guantanamo Bay decided to stop the truth in the military tribunals held there. The statements of five top al-Qaida terrorists that were held in CIA custody before will be censored before they will be transmitted to the auditorium.

At the same time, a new movie will come to the cinemas, showing the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. But „Zero Dark Thirty“ also shows the dark side: waterboarding, sleep deprivation, beatings, arrest in total darkness are shown in the movie. „No torture, no Osama“-that is what the film seems to say.

But there are positive examples this week, too: for the first time a country has been made responsible for assisting in the kidnapping of a terror suspect for the CIA.

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