Don’t shoot

A poem written in the context of the shooting of 18-year old Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American, by police officers in Ferguson, Missouri (United States) on August 9, 2014. A German version of the poem is can be found under


Don’t shoot

Don’t shoot

He says

I am unarmed

He says

And that’s true

But it won’t

Save him

Because he was


On the

Wrong side

He is a citizen

But a second-class one

Because his skin

Isn’t white

And that’s why

He has no


If the cop

Has a bad day

Loses his temper

A gun on his belt

Then someone has to die

In the wrong place at the

Wrong time?



With the


Skin colour

Because this

Can be

A death sentence

In America


Image source: „Loavesofbread“/Wikimedia Commons

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